Pupis, Systems
Pupis, System

A binary star system in the OOR Pupis region . One of the three regions of the Outer Rim Region -M-0 Galaxy - Upward Sector
Pupis, star has a dim brown dwarf companion called Pupis Sister.  
The Brown Dwarf has two moons.
Gitta and Gorga

Gorga, almost Earth-sized, is the region's core for administrative purposes. 
Noteworthy is the Far Out system which does not belong to the Pupis region it is administrative and traffic-wise connected.
All other systems in the region are connected to Pupis, System:
Ritee, System
Ketarp, System
Umsung, System

Even though it is a very thinly populated outer rim region, Pupis, system is the region core and thus has a Union Police precinct (Precinct 7781) a Sector Court and a Type III Union Clinic . (Staffed). There is a Union Library with OOCA office
Daily Space-Bus connection to ORR-Hub .

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