There is much debate but little verifiable information about the being / or entity called the Purple Worm. It is not known if it is a title, a name or simply a descriptor given to the person or persons that lead the shadow organization commonly known as 'the Worm'. The Worm is a criminal secret society with para-military character that is part of the Union mega civilization. It is one of seven known organized crime syndicates that operate all across the Galaxy in and beyond Union territory. The Purple Worm is, according to sources, a single individual that is on top of this organization. However others believe it is only some sort of spokesperson, or an obtainable rank within that organization. Very few individuals claim to have ever seen or even remotely interacted with the worm.

A rumor persists that the Purple Worm makes Alvor’s Cove its main base of operation and hides in a desert mountain base.

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