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This is the first sketch - Concept

for the Canon Version see : Quadi Peds

Quadi Peds

Union Member Species # 10 Long time, Old Guard Member of the Union. Quadi Peds are tremendously strong and sure footed, comjng from a world with a Gravitation of 4 Gee. The Quadi Ped society is "Union Fanatic". Towns and Land Marks have ben consistently renamed after famous Assembly Members, Union Dates and Celebrities (there are no less than  5000 Isah Hills, Mountains, Villages etc) Famous individual names include :Admiralstahl Smith, Queenhespsut Saran, Mothermachine Jones, but also Bill Quadiped or Nugu Fourlegs. Quadi's have eliminated Gouvernment except their Representative and they vote on everything. Comittees form on the spot, volunteering is a national sport. Quadi Peds are mono sexual and have no distinctive gender, but every second gestated Qadi is designated Female as other Union Species have them. Quadi Peds grow to abut 300 cm and can weigh up to 400 kilos. They have very dense bones and muscles and can move an average of 2000 kilos.

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