Queen Net, the First
Queen Net, the First‏‎

Queen Ebonee, the 1st
aka Net, the Harsh
House of Nilathe
Born on Luxor, planet
Mother: High ranking member of the Nilathe : Father: Unnamed sperm donor
Grandmother: unknown
Aunt: High Priestess of Isis
Sisters: Not documented
Daughters: Silk  

Queen Net, the First turns 18 as she ascents on the Falcon Throne after much turmoil and intrigue. The Circle of the High Priestesses under the lead of Sathameh, High Priestess of Isis declares Net to be Queen. It is a bad time for the internal problems of government leadership. The Saran Empire is in internal turmoil due to the growing problem of the rebelling colonies (The Vrill coin the phrase Pan Sarans )
Net orders a bloody palace guard purge as an answer to the rebellious palace guard unit that was sent to quell the rebellion (and joined the rebels instead)
The war against the Ult is going badly for the Sarans, several battles and a very important star system is lost.
The Vrill now openly supporting the Rebels mocking Saran fading power and influence.
In her second year on the throne, unrest and controversy grows and when it was revealed that 
It was revealed that Sathameh, High Priestess of Isis who led the council deciding on her becoming the next queen, was the sister of her mother and accused of worshipping Seth

The High Priestess scandal leads to a demand that the young queen puts on the Golden Mask and walks the path of gods behind the Ebony Wall .
Before tremendous audience Queen Net, the First puts on the Golden Mask and withers to dust before a shocked public. 

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