Queen Sobeknefaru
Queen Sobeknefaru

Sobeknefaru , the III
aka Sobeknefaru, the Fair
House of Kethmmar
Born on Luxor, planet
Mother: Larifari, the 2nd Father: Unnamed sperm donor
Grandmother: Kilifari, the 2nd
Sisters: two - names not recorded
Daughters: Lukareth , Garanethu, Ebonee

Sobeknefaru, grand daughter of Kilifari, the 2nd of the house of Kethmmar ascents onto the Falcom Thorne in 7 BC at the age of 28 after her Grandmother names her successor over her mother. Kilifari dies in 6 BC.
Queen Sobeknefaru becomes an important figure in Saran history as it under her reign when the first Slave revolt occurs that successfully takes control over the Yedinilo Gizati Colony.
She makes a series of questionable decisions that lead to the split of the Empire. The rise of the Pan Saran and the begin of a very long civil war that is officially ended in 2220 OTT with the creation of the United Stars of the Galaxy

Sobeknefaru dies at the age of 39 Cause of death  a cerebral stroke caused by unknown reasons

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