Hellers razor

Razor Fish (or Razors) are native lifeform of Green Hell. They are common around all larger fresh water bodies of that planet.


Most Razors appear very similar to the barracuda of Earth. However, Razors are a freshwater fish unlike a barracuda. They are also larger and much, much more aggressive.

There are several subspecies of various sizes. The largest one is Heller’s Razor Fish [1] (Heller's Razors).

Growing up to 2.5 meters in length and 35-40 cm in diameter, Heller’s Razor’s may live up to 95 standard minutes out of the water. Their lifespan is unknown at this time. All Razor fish are extremely aggressive. Their teeth and fins are spines are very sharp, the fins have an almost metallic appearance. Either teeth or fins will cause severe wounds that almost invariably become infected if not treated within three to five standard minutes. Two of their upper teeth may also inject fatal neurotoxins (depending upon subspecies). They also kill and consume larger prey by tearing away chunks of flesh.

Role in EnvironmentEdit

Green Hell’s lifeforms appear to have been brought to Green Hell, genetically altered and set free. These fish, like all other Green Hell life forms, appear to be engineered to be completely lethal to most other lifeforms. Over approximately 1 million years these life forms have evolved and adapted to each other.

Razor Fish are a major food source for Water Snakes.

The Razor Fish in turn feed on Water Snake eggs, any small aquatic creature and scavenge on deceased life forms.

BioHazard InformationEdit

Properly prepared Razor Fin Meat is considered to be Biohaz Level 0 and may be freely traded.

Live Razor Fins (because of their aggressiveness and extreme danger to life) are rated as Biohaz 7+ and may not be exported from Green Hell.

[1] named after Dr.Siegfried Heller, one of the first Biologists arriving on Green Hell, having the foolish idea to put his feet in Big Lake to cool them, after a day in heavy armor.

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