The Order of the Sojonit


After the Dark Ones defeated the Seenians they also defeated and punished those who fought on the Seenian side. The Dark Ones destroyed all (not all as it turned out later) Saresii Colonies. Saresii women believed it was the arrogance and the aggressiveness of men who caused the catastrophic that nearly destroyed the Saresii, cost them billions of lives and ended their Tech Level 11 society, plunging it back to pre industrial levels. Deepa a fanatical woman killed the Members of the old Council to establish a new Woman only rule. Deeply riddled by guilt and the fact that she had used violence to end the Rule of men she confessed her deed and was exiled with 40 of her conspirators. The women left the Saresii Worlds in one of the last space ships.

Deepa and the others found a secretive world called Crystal Rainbow. after an odyssey of over 200 years. There on that planet they discovered a “Crystal Palace”. The Crystal palace the resting place of a Cosmic Elders . Deepa managed to wake the Elder and together they summoned an Entity called Creation. Creation made Deepa into a Goddess by fusing her with the Cosmic elder and giving her the keys to the Palace. The Palace held in record form the secrets of sexual pleasures and love making of all sentient lifeforms in the Universe. Deepa realized that between the Weapon to defeat the Dark Ones was not military might but the “Power of Love” and “Seduction”. To prepare for the return of the Dark Ones and the coming of the Dark One himself. Deepa founded the Order of the Sojonits.

Sojonites are prostitutes who serve their Goddess and their religion by selling their bodies for sexual pleasures. Sojonites appear human but can service any being that derives pleasure from the sexual act. (Eighty percent of all known sentient species do) Participants never really remember details, except that they had the most perfect pleasure with the most perfect partner. Customers who went to a Sojonit usually return regularly. The Sojonit order was, so the legend goes by a real Saresii female who left Saresii towards the end of the Big War against the Dark ones. This Saresii woman had a religious experience at a Planet called Crystal Rainbow. The location of the Rainbow planet and the Sojo Crystal Temple is secret, but legends claim it is near the Galactic Center.

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