Rene Thauranda

René Thauran Edit

United Earth Citizen
Founder and Leader of the Thaurans
Born: 2109 in Rouen (European Region France )
Died: 2212 on Le Havre Bleu, planet

Charismatic leader of the True Nobles group that became the Thaurans.
Rene claimed that true nobility is more than a social development, but a God given quality to chosen individuals and families.

Little is known about his origin and upbringing. Thauran Scholars claim that he was a direct descendant of French King Louis the 16th. 
Others claim, he was an orphan.

Born on Earth before the Second Exodus. He was the leader of a Colony Group from Europe. Mostly French, Belgians, Dutch, Italians, Portuguese, Spanish and a few others from other European regions. They were strong believers in the Christian faith (Catholics). Originally sent to a Planet that was not as the survey promised. Legend has it that The Blue Virgin appeared to him and showed them the way to a collection of worlds that were beautiful Garden Worlds. The Thauran Kingdom takes its name directly from Rene Thauran. There are more myths and legends than actual facts known about the man and his large family. Some accounts have it that he had nine sons and four daughters. It is also assumed that he was the one who started the “Blue Skin” craze.

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