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Rhea (/ˈriːə/;[a] Ancient Greek : Ῥέᾱ) is the second-largest moon of Saturn and the ninth-largest moon in the Solar System. It is the smallest body in the Solar System confirmed to be in hydrostatic equilibrium. It was discovered in 1672 by Giovanni Domenico Cassini .


Rhea is named after the Titan Rhea of Greek mythology, "mother of the gods". It is also designated Saturn V (being the fifth major moon going outward from the planet).

Cassini named the four moons he discovered (Tethys , Dione , Rhea and Iapetus ) Sidera Lodoicea (the stars of Louis) to honor King Louis XIV . Astronomers fell into the habit of referring to them and Titan as Saturn I through Saturn V. Once Mimas and Enceladus were discovered, in 1789, the numbering scheme was extended to Saturn VII.

The names of all seven satellites of Saturn then known come from John Herschel (son of William Herschel , discoverer of the planet Uranus , and two other Cronian moons , Mimas and Enceladus) in his 1847 publication Results of Astronomical Observations made at the Cape of Good Hope, wherein he suggested the names of the Titans, sisters and brothers of Cronos (Saturn, in Roman mythology), be used.

History & CommunityEdit

In 2188 , the United Earth Solar Explorership Cassini landed on Rhea. Due to the physical fist fight between Commander Lenovski and Co Commander Ozmul there is still a controversy who actually stepped on the moon first.

According to the report Ozmul was first but impacted helmet first onto the ground while Lenovski jumped after him and landed feet first.

Some claim it doesn't matter what body part makes contact first, others claim it must be a foot that does the stepping.

Ozmul however died shortly after with a busted helmet and Lenovski was arrested by the other two astronauts of the mission.

The first colonists arrived in 2190 and founded the settlment “Ozmul's Headbutt

That the funny name would stick and become the name of a 12 million inhabitants city was probably not intended.

Main Industry was water and mineral mining until about 2900. Industry began to diversify. Today there are Algae and Mushroom Farms , a large tomato farm and a number of manufacturing businesses.

The largest employer is Herbert's Arti Coil Refurbishment Inc. A company that recycles and refurbishes Arti Gravity Coils .

Main Import: Scrap flyers, Old Arti Coils, Groceries

Main Export: Refurbished Arti Coils, Metals, Astro Shrooms and Tomatoes.

The moon is not independently represented but belongs to the Saturn Moon Association .

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