Richard tasted the blood.png

Richard tasted the blood of his mouth as the Old Kermac laughed at him. “You are finally in our hands, old warrior. You destroyed the Galactic Council and you obliterated Kermac Prime . We will use all our knowledge to torture you and make you pay. “

Richard Stahl pulled himself up as much as he could hanging in the force field bonds that restrained him to a metal frame. “I have suffered worse, Kermac Scum and whatever you do to me will not bring back your rotten empire. The Galaxy got rid of the Kermac , the Union is stronger than ever and we even wiped out theY’All and the Omnacks. The RULE is restored and you are nothing but a memory.”

The Kermac wizard laughed again. “Bask in that glory, Terran . We are the Omni Kermac , we have foreseen a possible defeat and now we are here, in UNI ships that are unstoppable and indestructible and we will destroy Earth and all the Union strongholds. Not eventhe Narth can oppose aUNI sphere , and we have an entire fleet.

The remaining civilizations will bow to us.”

The other Kermac said. “Your formidable and so powerful wife is fading fast. The poison is multidimensional and will kill her her and her true self. Your son will suffer too! Everyone of your friends will die and there is nothing you can do. Go ahead and pray to your Gods for mercy it will do you no good.”

Stahl raised his head even more. “That I will do, Kermac!”

The old Warrior closed his eyes and his lips formed words. “I have never called on you Dark One , and I would not do it for my own sake, but for Alycia and my son. For the sake of the Union help!”

The Kermac was mocking him and slowly increased the energy on his Neuro ripper . “We hoped you would give us a better fight. We caught you, an Old man. We no longer even seek the secret of translocators, we possess the secret of the Cutting thought ! We laugh at your Dark One God .”

Then right there in the living room of the former Admiral a black spot appeared and a man-shaped being holding an ax appeared. “I am the Dark One , laugh now Kermac!

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