Roasted Flesh Worms
Roasted Flesh Worms

Chourrote speciality from their homeworld, Chour

These about 10 inch long (25-26 cm), agressive annelid lifeforms have always been a popular snack with the Chourrote. They have many names in the Chourrote culture but are most commonly referred to as "Teeh "

A Chourrote company ( Chirchacj Inc ) begun selling Flesh worms, first to Chourrote across Union space, but Maggi Saurons, NulXIPTIN and other species begun to buy these worms.

The ready-to-eat Roast version even has customers of many other species. 

Silver Hawk Emporium provided the relative small company with a substantial grant to set up large scale hatcheries and processing plants.

Chirchacj Inc became a indpendent Silver Hawk Subsidiary in 5009 and is the largest Chourrote business in the Union.

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