Robert Highfill To paraphase

Robert Highfill To  paraphase
To  paraphase Ricky Ricardo when this is over "Meeze , you got some explaining to do."

It will be interesting to see Erica's reaction to her new crew members.  

I also wonder what would happen to the bets if the government that existed at the time Erica lands on Togr ceases to exist and it's replacement asks for Union Membership ?

You know, Robert what just occurred to me?
My readers are just as bad as the Tigershark crew. Here we are with a potential war at hand. Danger and living gods ... and what is the Tigershark crew AND my readership doing?
Placing bets...If there would be a real Tigershark, you be a crewmember for sure,... ;-)

Ricky Ricardo ♥ - (I love lucy)-0

Ricky Ricardo ♥ - (I love lucy)-0

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