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SII Security Division of the SII Giga Corp There are many more rumors, legends, and stories about SII Security as there are known facts. Officially there are three departments of SII Security (and a fourth rumored one)

SII Internal Security[edit | edit source]

This department provides all forms of security to SII Assets, Personnel, businesses, and Real Estate. It operates a large Internal Security Assessment Center on Planet Sweetskies with over 75,000 employees working around the clock to analyze and assess potential threats to the Giga Corporation. The Security Response Team that acts upon security threats is considered the largest private army. It is exceptionally well trained and equipped with state of the art weapons, armor suits, and other security tools. Internal Security provides the front desk personnel, unarmed security guards patrols, armed security, internal criminal investigation teams, forensic labs facilities, valuable item transport and Anti-Industrial espionage prevention. It fields bodyguards to SII executives and investigates and acts on the behalf of employees.

SII Security Services[edit | edit source]

This department provides much of the same services as Internal Security but to paying customers. Object security, bodyguards, private investigations and private intelligence-gathering missions.

SII Security Fleet[edit | edit source]

The Corporate Security fleet of SII is second only to the United Stars Navy and operates a large number of heavy-armed Battleships, Carriers, and Destroyers. SII Security Ships like the SII Stuyvesant or the SII Rockefeller are 3,200 mtr spheres. While private corporations are prohibited from arming space ships with military-grade armaments, SII ships operate under a loophole that allows Corporations that build Fleet equipment to have testbed units. Since the exception does not specify how many Testbed ships a corporation can own, SII operates thousands of ships. Rumors persist that SII has ships equipped with Translocator Cannons, which is officially denied of course. Other rumors claim that SII doesn’t need TL Cannons as they have weapons superior to it already. Officially the SII fleet provides lane and shipping security for its merchant and mining fleets and trade routes; however other rumors claim that SII often engages in direct combat action against competition or against Civilizations far removed from Union Space to force them to accept SII as a trading partner or to obtain valuable resources. Again a rumor that cannot be substantiated or proven and is also denied.

SII Black Ops[edit | edit source]

No official claim or information exist that this department exists, but is generally accepted that SII operates a utterly ruthless and unhindered by any laws, moral guidelines or ethical boundaries Black Ops department that engages in Industrial Espionage, Assassination of competition and critiques. The recent death of Charles Nobagen, an outspoken anti corporation activist by the hands of “pirates” operating deep in Union Space is considered by many an actual assassination by SII.

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