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The Sarans are one of the founding civilizations of the United Stars of the Galaxy. Sarans are humanoid and share many DNA similarities with Terrans. Initially it was believed that Terra was a lost Saran colony, but research has dismissed this possibility and now the general concensus is that Sarans and Terrans were seeded somehow by an ancient civilization.

Sarans and Terrans share a long history together. The first Saran visitors to Earth arrived during the time the ancient Egyptians rose to be a dominant early pre-industrial civilization. Due to war and other factors neither the Saran nor the Terrans have detailed records of those first meetings, nor is it clear what cultural elements of the Egyptians and the Sarans originated on Earth or Saran side. However the Saran civilization appears to Terrans very much like the Ancient Egyptians. The Saran still worship gods like Ra, Set, Thoth, Isis and Osiris. The Sarans practice mummification to this day and have a ruling society of Pharaohs and priests. Over the last 12,000 years the Sarans are ruled by a Dynasty of Queens and have a strong matriarchal ruling society. This led to a revolution about 5000 years ago and 200 Saran Colonies split and formed the Pan Saran Empire. The Sarans and the Pan Sarans fought each other in a long and bitter war until the Ascent of Earth. Both Saran and Pan Saran considered Earth a friend and ally and this lead to the cessation of hostilities and the formation of the Union. It was the Sarans who gave Earth the technology to reach the stars in 2089.

The Saran Empire has and is a strong and mighty empire with thousands of star systems and is heavily involved in all aspects of the Union.

To this day ruled by the Queen Dynasty, the Saran queens have absolute power and are the sole law giving entity within the Saran Society. (All Sarans accept Union Law)

(The secret Order of the Queen of Sheba is an ancient and very secretive society of Terrans and Sarans looking back to the first Saran/Terran contact and it is said they know the entire story.)