Saran Beer

The most common drink of Sarans (and many Pan Sarans) is a type of beer.

Wheat, barley and millet grain is coarsely ground. One quarter of the grain is soaked and put in warming chambers for a while. The rest is formed into loaves of bread and lightly baked in order  not to destroy the enzymes. The loaves are then crumbled and mixed with the soaked grain, which had fermented. Then water and some beer is added and the mixture was left to ferment. The fermentation complete, the liquid is strained or filtered for the Clear Beer variety. There are many different brands and flavors. The most favorite one is flavored with a herb similar to terran hops. Day or Children Beer is sweetened and available in Non Alcoholic varieties.

Saran Beer is an important export product of the main Saran worlds and consumed by Sarans, Pan Sarans and many other Union citizens. For Saran purists ,beer must come from the Saran Rames Brewery where the process is supervised by Saran priests. The beer of the Rames Brewery is shipped in traditional earthware jugs (They are no longer made of clay but glass and simply made to look like earthware. Cheaper beer and Childrens Beer is shipped in plastic jugs, but the serious Saran beer lover would never drink it from a plastic jar,) A typical Saran Beer jug holds about 0.9 liters of beer and depending on the distance to the Saran breweries runs between 1 and 5 credits. Old Jugs are collectible and so are the aluminum jug seals. The Ramses brand features collectible story pictures. The first story picture was issued  around 2220 and an aluminum lid recently auctioned for 50,000 credits.

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