The Saran Empire is a huge region of space in the Upward Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.  During it's greatest expansion (just before the Saran-Pan Saran split and Civil War) was over 12,000 Star systems. Today it is a firm part of the Union but it is still called the Saran Empire ruled by the Saran Queen and contains over 8,000 Star Systems.  However, Sarans and Saran Colonies can be found anywhere in the Union and Non-Saran colonies deep within the Saran Empire. Saran Planets identify first and foremost as Union Worlds and are individually represented. The Queen still has much power and influence, but like her lowest subject, she too is a Union Citizen and subject to its laws.


Tribes of Humans of Earth fled the Cleansers and one of the groups landed on what is now known as Thebes. They lost their technology and begun anew. So technically Saran began as a Terran Colony. (Explaining the Human Mystery). About 50 BC the Revolution climaxed and the Pan Sarans[1] split from the Saran Empire.

[1] At that time the Pan Sarans were not known as the "Pan Sarans" but Saran Rebels, Outer Colony Rebels, Man Rebels. They called themselves Sarans and the goal of the rebellion was to "free" all Saran from Queens and female domination. Around 117 AD (OTT) the Rebells rediscovered Earth and found their identity in antique Rome. From that moment on they called themselves Pan Sarans and instead of trying to spread the Rebellion across all the Saran worlds, decided to defend what they had and grow their own civilization.

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