aka Sares Prime , aka the Nine Worlds , Aka the Perfect Worlds

Sares is the place of origin of a Union Member Species and one of the oldest and most developed societies.

Union Laws and Local Laws are strictly enforced. Emphasis on cleanliness, good manners, and feminine values.

Local Civics: Nine-headed Panel - with one "First among the Saresii" - A title with virtual unlimited decision power.

The Saresii have (during their First Age of Knowledge) rearranged their Solar System and placed nine equal sized, virtually identical planets into one perfect orbit at a perfect distance from their local Sun (Sares-Prime). It is believed that only Sares 1 is more or less a natural Planet and the actual birth planet of the Saresii and that the other eight have been constructed or intensely Sares-Formed. All Planets have 4 Continents of equal size, the same amount of Water and the same geographical features. The weather is controlled and there are no seasons. The temperature does not change. There are no real wild Animals, all lifeforms even the “Wild” ones are semi-domesticated and managed by Biosphere Managers, maintaining health, numbers and such. Each World has only one Big City on the Surface, the rest are subsurface and Surface dwellings have Village character. No Commerce of any kind is held on the Surface but there are extensive shopping facilities underground. All Planets are connected via Transmatter Tunnels and it is very easy to go from one planet to the other. All Trans System Space traffic is handled from a huge Space Station called Sares Hub. It connects Sares with the rest of the Union via Space Train, Several Class A Space Ports and since 5040 there is a Long Range Transmatter Tunnel connection to Sol Hub, Ulta Hub, Blue Hub, and Sares Hub. (allowing virtual instant travel between all connected Star Systems.

  • Sares 2 is famous for its Psionic Hospitals and Health Spa Facilities
  • Sares 3 is the Place for Universities and the Old Sares University, it is also the home of the Explorer Fleet
  • Sares 4 is a Place of Artisans and exquisite Handcrafted Art
  • Sares 5 is dedicated to Gardening and luxury living
  • Sares 6 is for young Saresii (Schools and such)
  • Sares 7 is for Feminization and Education and off limits to Visitors (Except they too want to become Saresii, which is possible in most cases)
  • Sares 8 is for Courts,Police, Community Services and light Industry as well as a Union Fleet Base
  • Sares 9 is a Living Community
  • Sares 1 is the Government and the most prestigous place to live.

Main Import : Fashion, Shoes, Fur, Leather, Pearls, Perfumes, Fabrics, Make Up, Lotions, Luxury Items, Super Lux Items, Flowers, Chocolate. Main Export: Psi Tech, Psi Pharma, Arts and Crafts

Sares is the seat of a Union Member Species and all Union Installations can be found.

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