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A level 3 Psi Drug manufactured by Enroe Corp.[1]


Saresex is an Enroe Corp trade name for their version of the Saresii Calipharm, both products are highly regulated and controlled and only used legally in Med Central supervised Psi Clinics.
It was first refined from a Green Hell plant by a Biochemist of Enroe Corp. based on Harper’s Junction.[2] A Saresii Pharmaceutical Company[3] specializing in Psionic Drugs signaled interest and developed a series of specialized drugs to treat various psionic based illnesses under the strict supervision of a physician and in controlled settings.
Calipharm, Saresex and Calipharm are identical products and not to be confused with the illegal Califerm.
Saresex is a highly regulated substance. Possession by private entities is illegal.


[1] Level 3 - Affects the HPI - Used to restore lost abilities, reduce or block abilities. May only be used in Med Central licensed Psi Clinics. May not be used or administered outside of these clinics. The use must be registered ( Name of physician, clinic and patient and reason why used). May only be transported by the United Stars Post Office - High Security Logistics.

[2] Enroe Corp was the first to create Saresex, but unable to bring it to market until after SII and Sare-Alia Inc. marketed their versions.

[3] Sare-Alia Inc. of Sares Prime

Saresex is also a high value commodity on the Underground / Black Market. Where a single pill can trade for 5000 credits. There are a lot of fake Saresex pills traded. The more creative ones contain Shaill compounds that simulate the effects of Saresex (and Calipharm, Calipharm).

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