Saresii Funghiwich

Food and Drink - Light Lunch Item Popular with Saresii but easily consumable by all Carbon based LSLD life forms. A favorite lunch item by many humanoid females (especially those who think it is chic to eat Saresii food and feel exotic and beautiful doing it.)

Despite the fact that many believe it is an ancient Saresii traditional food. It is actually a very recent invention as the habit of stuffing two slices of bread with things is a typical Terran one. It is prepared out of seven different kinds of fungus that are mixed into a chunky spread and served between leaves of lettuce and Saresii Fluff Bread. Terrans generally describe the taste as very bland. Famous Captain Olafson once described it: Tastes like eating water soaked tofu with raw mushroom and lettuce inside the most boring bread you ever going to try.