Janus moo
The Saturn Hub is Janus, Moon

Janus moon was physically surveyed during the Greater Solar System Survey Project (Phase III) which focused on the larger moons. (2115 - 2121 )  In 2115 Janus was visited by the UE Galileo . The moon was developed as a traffic hub and became known as the Saturn Hub . It has connections to all Saturn moons , to Saturn itself, to Sol Hub , Earth Torus and the TNO Hub . There are Space Tram connections, System Taxi berth , Space Bus stop and Transmatter Tunnel connections (since 5017 OTT ).  As with all Hubs there is a Union post Office , Police Precinct, Union Clinic, Union School. Hotels, Freight forwarding, and distribution and about 500,000 permanent residents.

Main Settlement is Dollfus Town

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