Schit sauce2

A variety of Andorian BBQ sauce.

This fiery red sauce actually had a different name, but since many marines exclaimed, "Shit that stuff is hot", it was known as Schhhiiit sauce aboard the USS Stryker. Roy Masters was once told it was made out of a blend of Terran Ghost Habañeros, Andorian Torch Berries and Pan Saran Flame flower seeds and mixed with tomatoes, oil and other spices. Roy could slather it on his meats, most other people used a drop to spice up an entire meal with an almost intolerably hot spiciness.

Schhhiiit sauce 

The hottest condiment of Terran origin is Bakers 17 , pure capsaicin crystals suspended in olive oil. With a Scoville scale rating of 17 Million. The hottest Andorian product is about the same and weighs in at about 17 Million as well. 

Pertharian Torture bases its heat on a different molecule and reaches 19 Million (made of Torch Berries ) The Schhhiit Sauce is actually “only” at about 12 Million on the Scoville scale.

The Green Hell Spice Powder marketed by Sam Brown's Farm  reaches a whopping 20 Million and   is used as a main component to Gillian Pepper Spray . Classified as a Level III weapon.

The Schhhiiit Sauce is available in Andorian Speciality stores galaxy wide under the brand name. “Andorian Fire

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