Scorpi hopper
Scorpi Hoppers

non sentient lifeforms native to Alvor's Cove .

It is still controversial among experts if the Scorpi Hoppers are indeed native to Alvor's Cove or if they have been introduced as an alien species to the local environment.

They are well adapted to the arid condition and are scavengers first and foremost, but they do sting anything that moves and introduce a lethal poison (Lethal to the average NiOX carbon based life form )

They are known to attack each other as well. Scorpi Hoppers can leap up to ten meters and react to vibrations of ground and air.

The largest specimen seen grew to 12 cm length.

Scorpi Hoppers are locally collected for Poison extraction, food for Nupro lizards and used in a local game of dare and skill called the Scorpi Hopper Challenge .

A cage holding one or two Scorpi Hoppers and the contestant must retrieve a glass of drink from the cage without getting stung.[1]

[1] Har Hi did it so fast that he was already drinking when the Scorpi Hopper reacted and Erica grabbed the Hopper first and then the drink. It should be noted that the Scropi didn't do anything as Narth retrieved his glass.

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