After the Sarans revealed themselves to the Terrans in 2089 and shared knowledge of Faster than light Travel a time of colonization began and many billions left Earth to found new Colonies. Earth had a population of nearly 10 Billion at that time. The period of 2089 through about 2300 is called the Second Exodus. (The first Exodus was an event described in an Ancient religious book and described the travels of a single tribe.) Groups with different ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and alternative ideas about political leadership were dominant among the Settlers and took their individual cultural identities with them to find unrestricted freedom on their very own worlds. The colonization program was heavily promoted by the New Terran government and Colony ships were given at no cost to any group that wanted to leave. The target worlds had to be surveyed before settlement and colonists were genetically altered in some cases to adapt easier to their new homes. Over 2000 worlds were settled during this period and only seventeen were lost, all others made it and became thriving worlds.

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