Second fleet

2nd Fleet - Second to no one - First to strike -Edward Planet - Barnard's Star - Since2220 -

Second Fleet - headquatered in the  Barnard's Star system is technically Earth's home fleet as its core mission is the protection of the "Third Core Sector " (50 Light year radius around SOL ) This sector is one of the most developed  regions of space and every single rock,planet and star system is occupied. True to its core mission, second fleet conducts mostly traffic route patrols, works closely with the Union Federal Police , Union Fire Department and other non military organizations. Second Fleet has the smallest number of Dreadnoughts and Battleships and the largest number of fast Cruisers , Destroyers and Super Cruisers .Second Fleet operates  the Fleet Personnel Accqusition program Second Fleet is the traditional home of the Union  FleetSpaPs  (Space and Planet) special forces command. It also conducts training camps and operates special mission schools) Second Fleet is the home for theNavy Special Warfare Combat-craft Crewmen — SWCC -  Current Flagship is the USS Archie Harlow , a Forestal class carrier redesigned for SWCC use. Current Commander (as of5050 OTT )Admiral Lower Half Sigi Crushem