Sel Tube Worms

Native bio form to planet Sel – Also traded on the Xchange


Sel Tube Worm -Fresh 88-454466-366-T

For the Bio-Reference got to GalNet: Tube Worm, Sel 

Warning Label must be present. Not recommended for Homo Galactus consumption. High levels of Mercury, Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, and other trace elements. Not classified as Poisonous. As with all food sourced not from your native society, caution is advised Your Grocery Expert or GaLNet can give advice. According to the “To Each its own Assembly act of 3445. You are responsible for what you eat.”


DNA Spin






High Metal Content

Tube worms that exist near and around hot thermal vents on ocean beds are life forms that in great variation can be found on many planets with deep oceans. Earth has them and so does Europa.

And with anything that exists, someone tried to eat them. Or in the case of the Unions huge diversity of sentient life forms, they are already on the menu.

The Tube worm variety of Planet Sel's Home are particularly liked by the Ult and the Varki of Leo II. While there are other species that can and will eat them. The Ult, the Snofuur and the Varki are particularly fond of this variety.

The Servants of Sel community-owned company Sel Treasures brings two products onto the galactic market.

The raw tubeworm (shipped in filtered ocean water) as the Ult prefer it or the Tube worm poached in steam and prepared /consumed marinated in fish oil (the traditional Varki way)

Other species and consumers purchase them as well. The Varki and the Snofuur often buy both varieties. The Ult always only the raw kind 

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