Serv Matic

General term describing any machine that dispenses merchandise, items and food. Basic Vending Serv-Matics found in Space Ports , Traffic Hubs and other public places usually are stocked with pre-packed or prepared foods or merchandise. Some are have freezers or Stasis freezers incorporated to keep food fresh. Household Serv Matics come in nearly endless varieties from basic hot beverage preparation units to Units with Nanite and robot assemblers preparing food items, drinks and snacks from basic materials and assemble them according to Molecular maps. For a Serv Matic to assemble a brand product, like Cola, the user must by the licensed Molecule file and also pay a small fee each time the brand product is assembled. Recent trends in Consumer habits show that the demand for the Ultra Tech Serv Matic, that assemble foods and drinks are in sharp decline and the ones that stock the actual product are on the rise again. Due to the fact that many consumers claim the molecular copies do not taste the same as the real thing and that a Cola produced from the same Molecular map produced on a SII Serv Matic tastes different from a Cola produced by a Enroe Brand Assembler and both don’t taste the same as the real Cola manufactured in traditional ways. This claim of course holds true not just for Cola but for all food and drinks. Some high end products and brands no longer issue Molecular Map licenses. Of course Serv Matics are still widely used and are essential for robotic or automated hotels, restaurants and other service industry businesses. Serv Matics are also used aboard Starships, but surprisingly the United Stars Navy only uses them for basic venting and staffed Galleys and kitchens are the norm on larger ships. (The Navy Crew Morale Study of 4392 concludes that the morale of ship crews, especially those on long term missions is 17 percent more positive when the food is prepared by a kitchen and Kitchen staff. This study was the reason for all ships builds after 4392 mandate a full Galley and reintroduced the Career Path Food and Nutrition Specialist at the Academy) Serv Matics that simply heat cool or vent prepared or pre-packed food and items are often called Vend-Matics.

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