Seths fist

Seth’s Fist
This is a virtually unknown weapon used by the Elite unit called Seth’s Shadow(The body guard unit of the Saran Queen) The original design and development is shrouded in mystery and legend as it is a weapon developed over 12,000 years ago.
Legend has it that the Saran found the ruins of a long gone civilization on a distant world. From that world they recovered several items including 5000 pairs of gloves that turned out to be a very deadly weapon.


Approximately 12,000 years ago a Saran explorer unit discovered the home world of the Aten. (The Aten fell fighting against the Dark Ones, just like the Seenians did) The last surviving Aten welcomed the Saran explorers and taught them many technological secrets. (See the Saran Aten Secret) Among the secrets was a cache of 5000 leather like gloves. Much of their true potential is forgotten and only the life ending effect of the Seth touch and the deadly black mist are known and used by the Seth’s Shadows. Only about 200 pairs are still known to exist. The only two pairs that are not owned by Saran Shadow guards are the Gloves in Richard Stahl’s collection aboard the USS Devastator and the pair Eric Olafson received from the Queen).
Eric, who later becomes Erica Olafson discovers the true potential and the true power of the Seth Fists as he combines them accidently with the Living Seenian Suit.
The Suit links with the dormant intellect of the gloves and activates the sub space connection arsenal incorporated into the gloves.
Erica and her crew rediscover the Aten planet and discover the Aten Secret.

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