Legendary elite commando unit of the Saran Military, dedicated solely to the safety of the Queen and her family.
It is not generally known how the members of the Seth Shadows are chosen, who members are and how they are trained.
It is commonly believed they are all female and possess supernatural abilities. A recently declassified assessment document of the former Terran Space Intelligence agency classifies the Seth Shadow force as a highly trained and dangerous organization.

Classified – Union Military Information- Classification Level Blue-Blue-Red

Name: Seth’s Shadow – Union Military Spec Ops Unit #453 / Saran.
Org structure: 2000 Seth Shadow Guards, 200 Seth Shadow Commanders, 1 Seth High Commander, Supreme Commander: Reigning Queen
Head Quarters: Luxor Planet, Saran Empire. The 2000 Guards of the main force are hand-picked by the Seth Supreme Commander from a special pool of pre-ordained candidates and trained in a temple/ religious like setting in the ancient mountain temple of Seth on Planet Luxor. The training program is among the hardest and difficult in the known galaxy and includes weapon training, hand to hand combat, and intelligence and stealth techniques. The training also includes meditation, psionic combat and a rigorous religious indoctrination with the Queen as Goddess and source of worship.
Of the so trained Guards only a selected few, who pass a deadly series of tests are allowed to enter the service as Seth’s Shadow Guard.
The 200 Supreme Guards are not Saran, but the resurrected members of an ancient civilization who get new bodies every 100 years. Their existence and their training is the most highly guarded secret of the Saran Empire. They believe that a daughter and possible future queen of the Saran ruling Dynasty will face the Dark One. It is that group that maintains the matriarchal dynasty of queens.
Seth’s Shadows are equipped with technology that is directly taken from Aram stores and is reaches Tech level 11. Among that equipment are Seth’s Fist, Shimmer Cloak Suits and TransDim Jumper Belts.


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