Shea SchwartzEdit

Shea Schwartz also known as Sojonit Sister Wetmouth was born on Sin 4 in 5000 OTT. Of her parents, she knew only her mother who was human. Her mother was a Skaath and died being torn apart by animal scavenger live forms. Shea managed to reach the Sojonit Island in a makeshift rowboat and the Sojonits took her in. The Mother Superior and leader of the Sojonites recognized the incredible intellect of the girl and while Shea was trained in many aspects of the Sojonit order. She received the Veil of Abstinence and never actually practiced the tasks of a regular Sojonit Sister.

Shea has an IQ of 400 and is considered one of the smartest humans alive. In her lifetime she amassed 45 doctor titles and 23 Professor titles. She published a vast amount of scientific papers of which most are of great significance. She is the co-inventor of the TransDim elevator which she developed in cooperation with Tyron Suit Circuit and Narth. She witnessed the clash of a Lord of Light with a Knight of Darkness and received a sword that is almost equal to the weapons of the Dark One himself. It was revealed to her that her biological father was one of the Brothers of Satheer.  She marries Erica Olafson and has a daughter: Erica Olafson, the second

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