Shocker Frogs of Ulta

An non sentient amphibian life form native to the homeworld of the Ult (Ulta)
The animal can grow to 20 cm in length and like a Terran Electro ee l it is capable of discharging electric current.
And if you took a close look at those electrical innards you'd find thousands and thousands of specialised, muscle-derived cells called electrocytes. They're all stacked on top of each other so that they work like something called a Marx generator. Each electrocyte is charged up to a low voltage of just 0.15 V, but their powers combine when they're set off in unison. The effect is... what, exactly?
Well, it depends! Shocker Frogs have three different electric organs: the main organ, the Hunter's organ and the Sach's organ. When a Shocker Frog is seeking food in dark and dingy waters, the Sach's organ emits pulses of about 10 V. This produces an electric field that the Shocker Frog is able to detect, and the field is distorted by any nearby objects or delectable flesh bodies. So it is that the Shocker Frog builds a picture of the world through a process known as electrolocation, a twist on the bat's echolocation.
(This is what Tyr gifted Eric as an additional sense)
It's also the reason why Shocker Frogs swim with their body so rigidly straight. .
Once the sweet, sweet electric field distortion of something juicy comes over the water, the real fun starts.
And then it's over. About as quickly as it began! The main organ and the Hunter's organ produce a pulse of electricity, usually about 550 V but sometimes as much as 850 V. That's enough to stun or kill anything the Shocker Frog could want to eat, which is good because they don't have enough teeth to get a firm grip on struggling prey.
It's also enough to stun or kill. 

>>> Mortimer Jenkins nervously nibbled at his lower lip, wishing they could return to the safety of Ant Hill, the only town on this world, well protected by strong Ultronit walls and powerful force fields. It seemed a good idea to accept the invitation of the Science Corps to come to Green Hell, back then when his doctorate was still fresh and he was just one of many fellow researchers, at the Neugruber Bio Sciences Institute on Venus. It was after all his work on the electroplaxes cells used by the Shocker Frogs of Ulta for electrogenesis that made him aware of Dr. Martha Masters brilliant work on the largest known life form using electric organs;<<<

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