A period of time on planet Nilfeheim . It is a time of four to five years where temperatures rise and most of the oceans are ice free. It is a period where the oceanic creatures mate and feed in a frenzied pace to prepare for the long years odf Longnight.

The strange pattern iks caused by the elyptic orbit of Nilfeheim around its main  star Solken. A super massive failed Sun (Brown Star ) in the system is responsible for this etreme orbit and the seaonal patterns.

Short summer 

Nilfeheim is the 2nd planet in the Solken System, a Type 4D Garden world . The planet is on an elliptical orbit around its sun causing long cold winters that last seven standard years . This period is called Longnight . The four years of moderate temperatures are called Shortsummer . Temperatures can drop to minus 60 degrees Celsius during Longnight and can reach up to 15 degrees during Shortsummer.

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