Sigvard El

Sigvard Elhir

Full name:    Sigvard Elhir
Gender:    Male
Birth date:    4998
Death date:    5019
Planet of Birth: Nilfeheim
Species: Terran Human , Race:Neo Viking
Place of Birth: Elhir Burg
Place of Death: Thingstead , Halstaad Fjord
Union Citizen: No, banned from School
Father: Leif Elhir  
Mother: Karlhild Elhir

Sigvard was the Firstborn of Leif Elhir. He was a class mate of Eric.
He tossed Annar Peerson in the Ocean.
Eric rescued Annar
Sigvard was challenged by Annar, Annar lost
Sigvard is killed by Eric after he returns to Nilfeheim, after his Basic Training

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