The Silver Streak was the pirate ship commanded by the notorious Black Velvet.

In fact, it was the cover for the Union ship USS Tigershark.

Kartanian Destroyer Merchantappeared. 890 meters long shaped like an old fashioned coffin, still popular with the foundation Christians all over the Union.

Normally those ships had two Drive Pods, this one had four. Two of them however looked as if they had been added by First Year Engineering School Cadets with only crowbars and sledgehammers for tools. The hull was patched many times with armor plating welded in place, but not always aligned correctly. Some of the patches were of different materials, there actually were steel plates showing signs of rust. The bow section was scarred with micro meteor
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holes and I could clearly see several scorch marks from weapons fire. The ship had eight non retractable gun turrets of various origins and types including Nul-Froth Casters and one modern looking dual FTL Projector. To each side were six pods with Nul-Nul Gravitation torpedo tubes. It looked old but still quite dangerous, especially with the Nul weaponry. The ship was painted black, except where armor plate patches had been welded over the paint job, its turrets, and some trim details. The weapons and drive pods were of a silvery color. Cherubim gave us a little time to check it out then she said. “This is the Silver Streak, pirate Ship of notorious Captain Black Velvet, a legendary Pirate assumed to be of Saran origin.
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