Bastet by kaizerin

Skin of Basset is a sacred, religious relict of the Saran Society and culture

An ornate ankh shaped box holds a Costume like garment that transforms the wearer into the Cat goddess Basset (Basset is thematically and mythological the same as the ancient Terran Egyptian Goddess: Bastet)

While modern Saran temple and worship rites believe it is a symbolic transformation, traditionalists believe that it is an actual Transformation and the wearer becomes Basset with God like powers.

The Garment had not been worn by anyone for over 12,000 years. Eric Olafson however opened the hermetically sealed gold box and wore the Costume during the time he and the Princess were abducted by Radicals of the Saran Underground.

Not much of these events are known to the public, and today Scholars believe it was the Powers of the Dark One and not an Egyptian Goddess who did what Eric did while wearing it.

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