Skoll Saturn XLVII
Skoll (/ˈskɒl/ SKOL; Norse [[[skœl]] ː]) or Saturn XLVII  is a retrograde irregular satellite of Saturn . Its discovery was announced by Scott S. Sheppard, David C. Jewitt and Jan Kleyna on 26 June 2006 from observations taken between 5 January and 30 April 2006.
Skoll is about 6 kilometres in diameter and orbits Saturn at an average distance of 17.6 Gm (million km) in 869 days, following a highly eccentric and moderately inclined orbit.
It was named in April 2007 after Sköll , a giant wolf from Norse mythology, son of Fenrisulfr and twin brother of Hati.
It was first physically surveyed in 2102 by Captain Osama Mahmmoud was the first human to set foot on this small moon.
It was claimed by Melvin Summers for the Schwartz Corporation in 2111 OTT . Summers and a small team created a physical claim base to validate the SII claim.
The base expanded into a mostly subsurface city. (Melvin's Base
Today it is still owned by SII and is home to the SII Cryptology Research and Development Division . A relative small but well funded lab facility researching codes, secret codes, code  breaking and alike subjects. The lab is under contract with NAVINT and ANA .
About 27,000 live and work on Skoll.
There is a shuttle service to Saturn Hub .
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