Sky tum

Sky Tumblers

Genetic altered life form originally from planet Petra . Specifically engineered to survive on Terra formed Pluribus .[1)

Sky Tumblers somewhat resemble white doves from Earth but have four wings and are technically not birds but flying feathered lizards.

They are controlled by the Pluribus Park and Greenland Department , (Controlled in terms of population, feeding and breeding) but there is a general hunting permit and anyone wanting to hunt a Sky Tumbler for personal consumption or capture one for pet purposes is welcome to do so.

The commercial trade of life or dead Tumblers is permitted if the source stock comes from PP&GD .

(BioHaz Level 1 )

The animals are disease free and are monitored for any possible pathogens.

Especially in the Togar Quarters (since 5054 ) Tumbler Roasters are very common street vendors.

The animal is larger than a Terran pigeon and approximate the same as a Terran Pheasant , with about the same level of intelligence.

Many larger Union Metros have Tumbler populations. They are often part of large parks in domed or under ground cities.

The bird like creatures are omnivores and their main purpose is sanitation to pick and devour food litter,insects and small rodents or similar prey.

They can be orderd in almost any color. The ones at Pluribus are often white but brown and black or mixed color animals are also common.

[1]It should be noted that the United Earth Assembly members opposed genetic altered life forms, even non sentient ones.

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