This is a Saresii word of the Old- or so called First language. It has several meanings depending on how it is pronounced.
If someone says Sooja pronouncing the o like a double oo it means daughter. If spoken shorter and intoned similar to the word Soya (Bean) it means beloved student.
In the Old Saresii culture it was often custom ,that a teacher took maybe three or four students into his household and one of them usually became the Soja, the first student, the beloved one.
The Beloved student usually followed the lead of the master and teacher and when the time came became a teacher or mentor.
It is a term used for female students.
In the old days a male student was called Soyer, until the Anti-male hysteria forbade the use of any “male” titles, names or words.
Eric on his journey becoming Erica is called Soya by the Mother Superior (Deepa) of the Sojonit Order.
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