Sol hub

Large artificial construct. Space Station at the Sol System apex 5 light hours “above” the Sun; serves as central traffic and trade hub for the entire Sol System.

Cubical Construct, gravo anchored 150 km x 150 km x 150 km 3 Class A Space Ports , Space Train Sol Central Station (30+ lines), Connected to the Long Distance TransMatterTunnel network (since 5020) with connections to all other Union Core Worlds,  2000+ Space Bus Connections, Head Quarters of 2 Space Bus Operators, Major Trade Exchange Permanent Residents: 78 Million, Commuting Employees: 40 Million and Visitors daily: 30 -40 Million Freights and Goods transferred: 2 Gig tons daily (2 Billion tons) Local System Tram, TransMatterTunnel and System Bus Connections to all Sol Destinations. Note: Sol Defense Guard is very sensitive about “Non-Citizens” and Foreigners. Sol Hub Landing Permits to Non Union systems have not been granted in the last 250 years.

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