The Solken System belonging to the United Stars of the Galaxies, located in the Upward Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Star is a GIII Type B –stable-

The only noteworthy planets are Nilfeheim, a 4D type Garden World, settled by Terran humans since 2160 and Balder, privately owned by Silverhawk Mining Corp with a very small Mining settlement. Nilfeheim has an elliptic orbit around its sun. A second failed sun, a supermassive Gas giant is the cause for this unusual orbit and the reason for long cold winters that can last up to seven Terran years.


  1. Fir
  2. Nilfeheim
  3. Balder
  4. Ygral
  5. Wotan, Planet
  6. Odin, Planet II
  7. Hel, Planet
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