Frag fec
Something had exploded right between us.

I could taste my own blood and all I had was a strong whistling sound. Even though I was certain my eyes were open I could see nothing.” Then everything stopped and I sank into oblivion. That was the last thing I remembered and now I regained conciousness, a gentle voice said into my ear. “Suit integrity restored, third degree burns, concussion and eye injuries treated, Med-Evac recommended. I opened my eyes and looked around. “I was at the bottom of a new crater.” “More projectiles inbound.” the voice said. “Shield?” “Shields at 100%. System Damage from initial..” A tremendous second explosion hit me and while the shields held, the kinetic energies of the blast threw me , dirt and pulverized rock in a cloud of fire far into the air. “Full Battle Mode!” While the Suit went battle active I switched to hover mode. More explosions shattered the ground all around us. “Battle Mode active. Threat analysis : Burried explosive proximity mines and chemically propelled artillery fire.” “Roll Call!” “Fective.”