Sparkle Bright Gum is perhaps the most popular candy type in the Union, and has held that place for over 2000 years. It is technically just a type of Chewing Gum, an invention of Pre Astro Terra and made popular with a wide range of societies and beings.[1]</p>

Hugo Bright a master confectioner born on Earth near London, England migrated to Mars with his intelligence- enhanced cat, Sparkle and opened a Candy and Sweets store in a cheap sub level of Sojourner-City. His glow in the dark , strawberry flavored Soda and Chewing gum became an instant hit and Hugo Bright bean to expand and founded Sparklebright Inc. in 2519 Now over 2500 years later, despite buy out and hostile take over attempts of nearly every Giga Corporation, Sparkle Bright still exists as independent privately owned company, with annual sales exceeding 500 Billion Credits. The Sparkle Bright range of fruit flavored Chewing gums with Night glow or Day Sparkle effect is the best selling and probably the best known candy of all times. The company manufactures a wide range of Sweets, but all are made the “old fashioned way” with lots of sugar, good old Terran Chemistry and natural and artificial flavors. The company operates several factories spread all over Union territory, but its Headquarter is still on Mars. Sparkle Bright – Explosive Gum– has micro spheres of CO 2 incorporated that “explode” in the mouth and are a kids favorite for many generations.


  1. Union manufactured Chewing gum is exported far beyond Union borders and a popular trade item even at distant Golden Bazaars. For example the Togar buy vast quantities of Tuna, Bacon and Catnip flavored gums.