Speaker of the Assembly

to regulate and orchestrate the daily business of the Assembly and the 2,000,322,122 representatives that occupy Alcoves and have a voice, the Office of Assembly Operations elects 50 Speakers of the Assembly, each year one day before Union Week. The 50 Speakers are elected out of the pool of all Representatives. (Only very few decline and another is picked). The 50 representatives receive a week of training 

The new Speaker opens Assembly business for the new day by ringing the Assembly bell at Zero Hour (Midnight) and leads the Assembly into reciting the Pledge to the Union and its Citizens. After that the Docket count is set to zero and the first new Docket issue presented.[1]

The Speaker leads the daily Assembly business by announcing the docket items[2] and leads the discussion, limits or extends speaking time[3). 

The Speaker greets guests or foreign dignitaries and ends the Docket item with a call for a vote [4) As the Assembly is in session around the clock, there is always one speaker on duty.

The Speaker officially greets and welcomes new members to the Union. 

The Speaker does not sit in his normal Alcove but occupies a floating sphere/ alcove that usually floats at or near the center but can move to any spot.

[1]The speaker is supported by the Office of the Assembly - A Body of employed clerks that are employees and not elected and assist the Speakers in their tasks. 

[2]Any issue brought before the Assembly to be discussed is called a Docket and receives a Number. Important Issues can receive an Emergency Docket Flag and be discussed first.

[3]Speaking time is 4 minutes but can be extended by the Speaker

[4] Standard Docket items are usually discussed no longer than 30 minutes. Unless the item is escalated[5] by request. A simple vote is called and all Reps present can vote.

[5] if a Docket Item is escalated into a "Union Issue ". All Union Citizens listening or watching can vote as well. A Docket Issue can be escalated by anyone: Rep or Citizen . Also a Request can be made to put the Issue before all Citizens (Union Direct Vote )