Estree Warner

Species: Holdian
Born: 5000
Union Citizen
Native to Holdia
Rank: Warrant officer CWO-4 USN (Union Spatial Navy) Translight Propulsion Specialist
Bronze Star, Iron Star, Service Excellence medal in Gold (x4), TKU - Expert badge, Translocator Qualified, Security Clearance BLUE-BLUE-BLUE,

Authorized to visit : Narth Prime, Honorary Golden Merchant

NiOx Consumer, BaPhy XS - Type 2, 

Estree Warner is a Holdian and one of the original members of the engineering crew of the USS Tigershark.

The idea of transforming a hangar into a "pirate's den" was his.

He became good friends with Sodoby the Golden who became his roommate.

As a result of this friendship, Sodoby gave him equal shares in a company he founded SOWA - Corp.

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