Stairs of the White Mountains

-----------------------A flight of stairs carved into the side of White Mountain on Planet Tomb World.

These steps have been carved into the rock of the White Mountains by a long gone species of beings and have a length of over 12 kilometers. Starting on the other side of the mountain right where Downstairs Village is and spiral and zigzag all the way up here 3,601 meters above the desert level to The First Table. Then they go on for another 2,022 meters to the peak of White Mountain and the second table where the Gaze stone is. Each step rises between seventeen and nineteen centimeters height has 18 to 21 centimeters tread and all are more or less 300 centimeters wide. There are 83,959 steps altogether. There are many more, similar flight of stairs on Tomb World, but the Stairs of the White Mountain are the longest and highest. Traffic from Downstairs to Upstairs is handled by Stair Bus. There is an annual Stair Marathon where Athletes of all over the Galaxy climb the stairs. A second event is the Down Race on Gravity powered Stair sleds.

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