Standard yeard
Union Standard Year

official time segment - 

There have been many attempts to standardize time keeping within the Union and all have failed to either be voted in or catch on.

Unified time keeping with standardized time interval seqments  was and is deemed very important and vital for commerce, the military and social services. 

Everything from accurate navigation , strategic and tactical deployment, to banking hours, pay days and rest periods depend on such a unified system.

Yet when the Union was founded by Sarans , Pan Sarans , Terrans no one paid attention to time keeping and when the Ult joined and the Union Military was founded, everyone agreed that the agressive Terrans where the best warriors and their complicated but incredibly precise and well thought out military time keeping system became Union Fleet standard. Union Fleet ships all keep Standard Earth Time or OTT (Old Terran Time). That Sarans , Pan Sarans and Earthers were human (and came from the same source - Earth) also added to this , as Human biological clocks were running on a monthly cycle.

The latest Time reform was voted in with just one vote tipping the scale towards a Assembly decission to adopt a new standard time.

Where the Standard hour was exactly 100 minutes long, the standard minute exactly 100 seconds, the standard day 10 hrs and the standard week 10 days. The standard month has 5 weeks.

The Standard Union Year has exactly 500 standard days of 10 Hours. The Year is subdivided into 10 Month of 5 weeks with 10 days each.

However it has never caught on as the Fleet (and the military) keeps OTT.

So Standard Time is only keept on Pluribus (except during Union Week Celebrations where everyone celebrates the whole 10 days)

Critics complain about this, but after good 3000 years, OTT is as firmly established as ever. A recent Union Vote failed to abolish OTT.

In essence the Union has two time keeping systems. 

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