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Since I can’t answer to reader’s reviews openly in Fiction Press. I am going to use this media to do so. I always answer reader’s reviews personally and directly, but sometimes the readers raise valid points or ask questions that could be interesting for other readers as well. Some of the comments and critiques have caused me to rewrite entire chapters and others have led to lasting friendships.

20-10-2011 18-05-57

Hi reading Machine

Thank you for your comments and I would like to refer you to my GalNet Wiki for an answer :

The Narth Narth Supreme the best person to ask and talk about gender issues. Only a short while ago the NartNarth no real understanding what gender is (and still aren't all too fresh on it) But essentially the Duality was planned from the get go.

{C}And as for the Uploading. I need to write them first and that isn't always that easy. Mainly due to my work, but I will have the Eric Story line finished by Christmas so no worries I will try to write as fast as I can. In the mean time you can always check out the GalNet Wikipedia for updates and such.

Thank you again for commenting and taking the time for writing. Your comments made me very proud. Thank you!!!!


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