The first directed Energy Weapon invented and produced by the Terrans was called the Thermo Kinetic Unit . The first TKU was fielded by Earth Marines even before the foundation of the United Stars . No other known technological society even with higher Tech Levels had developed a weapon quite like it. (With an exception of the Y’All )
The weapon principle is mixing Antimatter with matter and the so produced explosive energy plasma is focused via force field funnels into a tight beam of tremendous destructive power. While TKU’s are not as elegant or versatile as other weapons ( The weapon has no “Non lethal” settings ) it has continuously being developed and improved and is still the main personal weapon of Union Armed Forces. TKU’s are Class V weapons and Civilians must complete training and a psychological assessment procedure before they are allowed to obtain a Class V weapon. Many Member civilizations and planets do not allow civilians to carry TKU weapons. Only SWAT teams of the Federal Police are permitted to use TKUs. Regular Law Enforcement Agencies are prohibited to issue TKU weapons.
While the currently fielded FTL TKU – Gun Mark V is the most advanced type of this weapon and issued to Army, Marines and Navy . the Most powerful personal energy weapon ever developed by any known Civilization is the Marine Mk III-Y, often referred to as “The Old Style TKU” It was developed by Mendel Gun Works on Luna (Sol System) as an Infantry main weapon during the Y’All war.
The New FTL (Faster than light) TKU’s accelerate the weapon beam inside a ISAH field and makes the beam faster than light by the factor 2000. Taking advantage of this feature is only possible when the Weapon is carried in System Link with a target acquisition and prediction system and in deep space battle situations (Which are extremely rare and only the Marines train for such an engagement)
TKU’s come in various sizes and manufactured by three Companies exclusively : Mendel, SII and Enroe.
There are holster type Side arms (Pistol) Two hand use (Rifle) and Shoulder fired (Cannons )

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