Telemann Missile Monitor

Telemann Missile Monitors

(Aera Denial Weapon )

During the first Y’All invasion much fighting occurred on planet surfaces and the Union military demanded weapons like the successful and deadlyTerran Claymore mine , that could be produced cheaply , dropped or deployed by the thousands and strong enough to slow or kill a Y'All or Nul warrior.

Many companies responded with designs and so did Telemann Arms Corp of Venus . The Telemann Missile Monitor was supposed to be their great break through and gain them a convened fleet supply contract.

The TMM were tested and rejected as to weak and not advanced enough.

Telemann re designed the TMM with active camouflage and stronger missiles and Fleet ordered a test batch of 12 million units.

Because Telemann was caught selling arms to unauthorized non union sources, the project was scrapped and the company closed its doors after its CEO and much of the board went to prison,

The 12 Million TMM somehow found their way onto the black market and into Free-Space.

Today these are very rare and not many of the original 12 million should be left.

The TMM consists of a robotic autonomous missile launch system that works in nearly any environment and can be mass drop deployed directly from orbit.

Eric is in a Crawler Cat on Green Eden during his first year at the Academy when the Crawler cat gets hit by a missile from a TMM Galactic Chronicles Book VII: Eric Olafson, Fleet Cadet

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