the Greek prefix tele- (meaning "distant") to the Latin verb portare (meaning "to carry"). 

Teleportation is the  process by which matter is instantaneously transferred from one place to another.

Union Science knows several forms of Teleportation:

Psionic TeleportEdit

The psionic ability to teleport matter or even a person is the rarest of the known Psionic Powers and requires a very high HPI . It is also considered the most dangerous of all Psionic Powers. (to user and others) Psionic Talents that are not trained have been known to teleport into solid objects, great heights or into places with dangerous or life threatening surroundings. 

Many Union Buildings are Teleport proofed. Meaning Saresii , Terran or Leedei Anti Psi Tech[1][2] is incorporated.

Teleportation through Para Dim or Trans Dim shielded objects is not possible, even for Narth[3].

Nether World BypassEdit

Nether World Bypass is known to exist only recently and used by a very few beings but it is technically not teleportation.[4]


  1. Technically it is all "Union Psi Tech" but it sells better if a PSI Item carries the Made at Sares or Made at M32 label.
  2. neither of those will stop a Narth or a teleporter of similar power from teleporting. Only a Narth made Anti Psi Tech will do that. such is installed only at : the Assembly, The USS Devastator, The USS Dominator and The USS Tigershark.
  3. it is possible for the Dark One
  4. The Nether World bypass travel is no longer possible after the RULE has been restored in 5050

The word teleportation was coined in 1931 by American writer Charles Fort to describe the strange disappearances and appearances of anomalies, which he suggested may be connected.