Telesto cassini closeup

Telesto as seen by the Cassini probe in October 2005 CE

Telesto (Greek: Τελεστώ) is a moon of Saturn. It was discovered in 1980 CE from  ground-based observations from Terra, and was provisionally designated S/1980 S 13. In the following months, several other apparitions were observed: S/1980 S 24, S/1980 S 33, and S/1981 S 1.

In 1983 CE it was officially named after Telesto of Greek mythology. It is also designated as Saturn XIII (13) or Tethys B.

Telesto is co-orbital with Tethys, residing in Tethys' leading  (L4). This relationship was first identified in 1981 CE. Another moon, Calypso, resides in the other (trailing) Lagrangian point of Tethys, 60 degrees in the other direction from Tethys. The Saturnian system has two additional Trojan moons.

Modern TelestoEdit

Union World - Member of the Saturn Moon Assocation.   First surface survey was conducted by an United Earth Astronaut team under the lead of United Earth Space Force Captain Rick Sanchez in 2098 OTT. United Earth Sol System Expedition 67 “Ring Moons Mission".

The moon was placed on the Open list and the first colonist arrived in 2103 OTT.

Initial industry was ice mining and water production. Today it is mainly a residential world, with about 400,000 citizens making the moon their home.

The moon is a quiet world. Residents seek recreation mostly at other places in the Sol System.

Civics are managed by a Community Administrator that is hired by an elected council.

There is a Union School, Union Post Office and Space Tram connections to Sol Hub and TNO hub.

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